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*Cory Monteith:
Q. Do you have a celebrity crush?

A. I’ve worked with a lot of beautiful girls, but I’d have to say Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes in Glee. Have you heard her sing? She’s amazing.

*Kevin McHale:
I’m in love with Amber’s voice. I keep trying to get with her and Amber is repulsed. She hates the idea.

*Mark Salling:
Glamour:Who would you say is the best singer out of all of you?

Mark: “Amber.”

*Glamour:Who would you say is the best singer in the cast?

Darren: Wow, that’s a tough one. I think, bar one, it’s Amber, but that’s really obvious and not even up for debate.

*Chord Overstreet:

I would love to do a duet with Amber Riley because she’s so amazing. She’s a great vocalist. But I would also not like to do a duet with her because she would blow me out of the water [laughs]. She is awesome, she’s got some pipes on her.image


Everybody love Amber!

(Source: you-not-make-my-dreams)

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